Meet Team Grit Model: Natasha Johnson

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I have a team of people who work with Grit Gear. One of the best parts of the process is working with the Team Grit models. They are all creative, driven, passionate about New York City and have many projects of their own. I am honored to have them on board, and to have them as the faces and looks of Grit Gear.

In an effort to spread the word about their awesomeness, I will feature a couple of them each week. So you can all get to know them a little. If you run into them around New York City, or around the world, you will have met one person more worth having in your life.


Natasha Johnson

Natasha is an activist, legal specialist, educator, and proud native Brooklynite. When she grows up, Natasha has aspirations of founding a non-profit agency that will provide legal services and legal reform on behalf of African-American, African-Caribbean, Melanesian and continental African survivors of gender-based violence (GBV). When Natasha’s not busy trying to right wrongs, she can be found dancing, making jewelry, practicing yoga, modeling or moonlighting as a fashion stylist and interior decorator.

Natasha is one of those people who tends to take charge of situations organically. She is a natural leader, and humble about her wide breadth of talents. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Natasha for over 10 years and am constantly discovering her many projects and endeavors. If she says something is going to happen, it happens. So we will no doubt see her spearheading the incredible non-profit she is envisioning, while she has a dozen noble projects on the side. All meticulously executed.

Natasha was the first models to be photographed for Grit Gear, and she’s been inspiring looks ever since. Watch for her more in the upcoming collections.

To contact Natasha for any of her work or activities, send her a message through the contact page.

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