All Grit Gear pieces are custom made with high-quality leather and hardware. Every piece is an original design created to distinguish and make a statement.

Grit Gear started organically in the summer of 2012. Each piece began as a leather work of art, and people began asking for pieces of their own. So the site and online shop went up and Grit Gear started taking orders.

The background of its creator, and designer, YK Hong, is as a visual artist, graphic and webdesigner, photographer, woodworker, writer, Mac techie, activist, and leatherworker. Grit Gear was built from scratch.

Grit Gear is wearable art because the pieces are not simply accessories. Each piece is an artistic endeavor, which is why Grit Gear’s pieces are so unparalleled and carefully crafted with detail. Unique materials are sought out constantly to create masterpieces that no one has ever seen before.

Grit Gear is whatever you make of it. Grit Gear takes custom requests, which in the past have included items such as hair pieces, garters, corsets, arm/leg/body gear. The ones shown here are just to give you an idea of some of the elements that can be incorporated. If you have an idea for a piece you want, contact Grit Gear to manifest your vision.

Grit Gear will be expanding its line to include bags, cases, full body gear and more.

The possibilities are infinite. It’s not jewelry, it’s art. New Gear comes out weekly. Get your Grit.

Get Your Grit