All pieces are for all genders. All measurements listed on this site are in inches. Unless otherwise noted, it will be assumed the measurements you send in are also in inches. With all measurements, don’t measure too loose or too tight, but a comfortable fit. Grit Gear is created to be worn all day everyday if you want, and the pieces are durable, so accurate measurements that are sized directly from you measuring your body, will make for a longer lasting and happier piece.

A TIP: If you don’t have a tape measure, you can use a string or piece of paper to wrap around, mark it, then measure the strip/string against a straight ruler. Also, it’s always best to measure in the morning after you wake up.

WRIST: Measure the area around the wrist an inch below the wrist bone. Cuffs and bracelets are created to fit based on the measurements you submit.

ANKLE: Measure the area around the ankle 1 inch above the ankle bone. Cuffs and are created to fit based on the measurements you submit.

FINGERS: Rings are created to fit based on the measurements you submit. Grit Gear is unique, so the conventional ring sizing charts do not apply. If a single finger ring, measure the base of the finger. If a multiple-fingered ring, measure the diameter around the base of the fingers held together.

BODY: All torso and body pieces are made with a few inches to adjust with buckles or snaps, depending on the piece. Based on the chest, waist, torso length, and/or hip measurements you submit, your piece will have a flexible range. This allows for room to wear over, under, or even without clothes. Here’s a fun graphic to help you measure yourself in the right places. If you are in doubt about measurements, feel free to send your questions through the contact page. Grit Gear wants to make sure your pieces fit you comfortably.

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