Q: What is Wearable Art?

A: Grit Gear is wearable art because each piece is unique. The materials are found all over the world and in a variety of areas, and innovatively reapplied to a piece you can wear. It’s not just jewelry, it’s art.

Q: Do you make custom pieces?

A: Yes, but only on some occasions or when doing collaborations. That’s the short answer. Grit Gear started out making custom pieces and holds true to that philosophy. However, when you try to meld minds with another being to create the perfect piece, especially if it’s not in person, there’s a lot of room for variation. And Grit Gear always wants you to have exactly what you want, not a variation of it.

Q: I’m wondering, what if the bracelet/ring/piece doesn’t fit?

A: Make sure you check out the Measurement Guide to ensure a proper fit. Understandably, even something like measuring has some variation. Leather is surprisingly malleable in that it forms to the human body after time. So if it’s a little tight, it will expand. The body, torso and waist pieces come with adjustable buckles or snaps. One of the wonderful traits of leather is that it only gets more comfortable with wear. If it needs to be refitted, Grit Gear is also more than happy to do so.

Q: How long will my order take?

A: It usually takes about 1-2 weeks to receive your order.

Q: Are your pieces for a specific gender or body type?

A: No! All Grit Gear pieces are created for anyone anywhere. Any race, sex and gender and shape. Grit Gear can be worn with sequined cocktail dresses, tuxes, naked, or over a tank top and jeans. Dressed up or down, you can take your Grit Gear anywhere. Check out the lookbooks for ideas!

Q: What is the Grit X line? Does it involve S&M?

A: The Grit X line features pieces that can be used in a variety of ways left up to the imagination. One goal of Grit Gear is to abolish taboos around conventional ways of thinking. Whether you wear your piece to a black tie event, to a friend’s house, or in the bedroom, Grit Gear is happy to push those boundaries to include anything imaginable.

Q: Do you carry different colors?

A: As of our 2013 line, Grit Gear will be carrying select color pieces.

Q: Do you use any different materials?

A: We will be offering select pieces in synthetic leather as of 2013.

Q: Why is Grit Gear so awesome?

A: When you create because you are compelled, because it is your destiny, the outcome can only be Awesome.

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